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Erika Elko has been a full time nutrition coach for four years after 10 years as a CPA doing operations management and accounting. She spent her 20s competing in endurance events including the 2016 Boston Marathon and Ironman events. Using a macro-based approach, her specialty and now primary focus is working with athletes for performance and those looking to get stronger and faster in and outside of the gym.

In summer of 2022, she will be transitioning more to the business side of coaching and looking to take on clients aspiring to start their own business and become coaches themselves. If you are interested in working with Erika, reach out to her at erika.m.elko@gmail.com or find her on instagram at @erikaelko.


Erika has changed the game for me. I’ve always worked out (either at the gym or in boutique fitness classes), but was never happy with results.  She’s created a nutrition and strength training program that has me eating more and taking 2-3 rest days a week.  She has taught me how to properly fuel for performance- my lifts have gotten stronger, my energy has increased and my body has seen incredible changes. I’ve done a reverse dieting phase, a cut phase and currently, Erika is working with me through my pregnancy and I’m excited to continue postpartum. I’ve finally found something that works and makes me feel good!



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