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Nutrition + Lifestyle Coach

I started Elko Nutrition Co. in 2019 and since then, have coached over 500 clients one-on-one to reach their maximum nutrition and fitness potential. Before that, I spent a decade in accounting and operations management as a CPA managing the finances and operations of small to midsize companies in Washington, DC. I understand the all-consuming, demanding lifestyles of busy working professionals - let me guide you through a tailored one-on-one nutrition coaching experience.



I have been a full time nutrition coach for five years after 10 years as a CPA as a Director of Operations and Finance. I served as support to CEOs and owners for multiple businesses in Washington, DC where I helped streamline operations, spearhead finance + accounting operations and efficiency, and help businesses grow their margins. As an athlete, I spent my 20s competing in endurance events including a 3:14 in the 2016 Boston Marathon and Ironman events and more recently have placed top 8 in the 2022 HYROX elite division North American Championships and multiple 1st place AG titles.

Now, I am combining my passion for business with my experience in coaching hundreds of clients in high-level, executive positions who need help combing through the weeds of the nutrition space and helping them lead healthier, stronger, BETTER lives.


Erika -- thank you. I'm actually tearing up writing this. Thank you so much. I wish I could keep learning from you for a hell of a lot longer but these months with you have changed me. It's no bullshit. Do the work and it works. You're my fairy godmother come down to bop me on the head and say, "here's how... now get going!" I don't know if I was scared of knowing I could do this or making the change but the fear is gone because of you. You taught me how to eat. It seems so simple but in reality breaking 34 years of bad habits took time and it still will. This isn't over by a long shot for me. It's the beginning of this new chapter where food isn't the focus, my health is. I don't know how I would have made this change without you. What I do know is I owe my success to you. At my heaviest in 2020 I was at 177 lbs and miserable. Some of it came off before I started with you (crash diet crap) but that biggest part came when I learned about food from you and stayed focus with your support. Please keep doing what you're doing. You're changing lives. You changed mine. Thank you, fairy godmother.



Erika has changed the game for me. I’ve always worked out (either at the gym or in boutique fitness classes), but was never happy with results.  She’s created a nutrition and strength training program that has me eating more and taking 2-3 rest days a week.  She has taught me how to properly fuel for performance- my lifts have gotten stronger, my energy has increased and my body has seen incredible changes. I’ve done a reverse dieting phase, a cut phase and currently, Erika is working with me through my pregnancy and I’m excited to continue postpartum. I’ve finally found something that works and makes me feel good!



I'll reach out to you shortly.

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